Cause Lists

Cause List

Board of Discipline
(Constituted under section 21A of the Chartered Accountant Act 1949)

Date and time of Meeting: 9th March, 2020 at 9:30 A.M.

Place of Meeting: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, ICAI Bhawan, I.P. Marg, New Delhi 

Cases listed for award of punishment:

S.No Case no. Particulars of the case
1  PR/280/16/DD/306/2016/BOD/415/2017 Shri Raj Kapoor, Delhi
-VsCA. Rakesh Soni (M.N. 088264)
of M/s. S.Goyal & Associates,
Chartered Accountants, Delhi  
2 PR/314/15/DD/17/2016/BOD/416/2017  Ms. Kavya Mittal Goyal
-VsCA. Gaurav Agarwal (M.No.
505241) of M/s. Gaurav Agarwal
& Co., Chartered Accountants,
3 PPR/13/15/DD/12/INF/15/BOD/420/2018   CA. Neeraj Kumar Agarwal
(M.No. 503441) and CA.
Sandeep Khandelwal (M.No.
500250), Partners, M/s. M N R S
& Associates (FRNo. 018340N),
Chartered Accountants, New
Delhi in Re:
4 PR-221/14/DD/265/2014/BOD/345/2017  Shri Harshpal Singh, M/s. Ambe
Phytoextracts Pvt. Ltd., Delhi
-VsCA. Niranjan Lal Mittal
(M.No.099228) of M/s. Tayal
Mittal & Co., Delhi  
5  PPR/4/15/DD/2/INF/2015/BOD/236/2016  CA. Ankur Sharma
(M.No.525600) of M/s. Ankur
Sharma & Associates,
Chandigarh in Re:
6 PR/288/2015/DD/13/2016/BOD/265/2017   CA. Ajay Kumar Gupta of M/s
Agarwal Ramesh K & Co.,
Chartered Accountants, Gurgaon
-VsCA. Sudhir Kumar Singh
(M.No.067280) of M/s H. K. Joon
& Company (FRN 022932N),
Chartered Accountants, Gurgaon
7 PR/316/15/DD/19/2016/BOD/342/2017  CA. Ajay Kumar Gupta of M/s.
Agarwal Ramesh K. & Co.,
Chartered Accountants, Gurgoan
-VsCA. Sudhir Kumar Singh
(M.No.067280) of M/s. H.K. Joon
& Company, Chartered
Accountants, Gurgaon  
8 PR/265/2013/DD/06/2014/BOD/253/2017 Shri Ramesh Bawra, Chief
Manager, State Bank of Patiala,
-VsCA. Sanjit Kumar Singh, (M. No.
504600),Chartered Accountants,
New Delhi
9  PPR/10/N/2013/DD/9/N/INF/2013/BOD/
 CA. Pradeep Kumar
(M.No.072140) in Re:
10  PPR/4/N/2013/DD/4/N/INF/2013/BOD/2
CA. Avdhesh Mittal
(M.No.083360) in Re 
11 PPR/P/63/2014/DD/50/INF/2014/BOD/3
 CA. Anil Kumar Bansal
(M.No.083573), Partner, M/s
Anil K. Bansal & Co.
(FRNo.511969C), Delhi in Re:
12 PPR/P/64/2014/DD/51/INF/2014/BOD/3
 CA. Radhey Shyam Bansal
(M.No.091903), Delhi in Re:
13  PR/288/16/DD/316/2016/BOD/431/2018  Shri C.S. Muraleedharan, Kochi
-VsCA. Kumar Gorave (M.N.
402545), Delhi
14  PPR/P/99/16/DD/139/INF/16/BOD/348/
 CA. Suman Kumar (M.No.
515980), Faridabad in Re:
15  PPR/141/15/DD/116/INF/2015/BOD/321/2017 CA. Vinay Kumar Singh (M. No.
097028) in Re:
16 PR/82/2017/DD/112/17/BOD/477/2018   Grp. Captain K K Singh, New
CA. Vinay Kumar Singh (M.No.
097028), Darbhanga
17 PPR/12/15/DD/11/INF/15/BOD/231/2016   CA. Sunil Kumar Mandhanya
(M.No.078342) in Re:
18  PR/359/14/DD/02/2015/BOD/246/2017 Shri Nawal Kishore Mahato,
Partner, M/s NPVR & Co.,
Chartered Accountants,
-VsCA. Suman Kumar Choudhary
(M. No.419818), Jamshedpur  
19 PR/292/2014/DD/304/14/BOD/338/2017  Shri Shyam Sunder Dengla,
-VsCA. Vinod Kumar Gupta, Jaipur  
20  PR/243/16/DD/267/2016/BOD/413/2017  Shri P.V. Anudeep Chakravarthy,
New Delhi
-VsCA. Agam Gupta (M.No.
534504), M/s. Agam Paras &
Associates, Chartered
Accountants, New Delhi
21  PR/244/2016/DD/268/2016/BOD/460/20
 Shri P. V. Anudeep
Chakravarthy, Delhi
-VsCA. Paras Mehra (M.No.535546)
of M/s. Agam Paras&
Associates, Chartered
Accountants, Delhi





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